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I have to kill my fear, my perplexity. I have to kill them all! They will never see my tears and pleading for mercy. Oh, how I hate them - those patients perverts, that sticking a needle in my mind. When it's midnight, I omit the twilight of my mind and roll up in a cocoon. But they do not know that very soon the light will be darkened for them, and they dive into the darkness that will spread a sweet balm to my tortured soul. They do not know that one day I will look at the extinction of an insignificant life in their infantile eyes. And then ... I'll go ... I'll go into the night by the moonlit road ... I'll go back home ... But first ... First I have to kill them all! After all, someone have to do it? And who can do it better than I? It's - my mission! I have always killed and I will not stop, this is why I was sent into this world of filthy human agony. And now I'm leaving ... I do not exist anymore ... © MCM